How to be tall ? – “Grow Taller 4 idots” helps you

How to be tall ?
How to be tall ?

“Have You Ever Felt Like You Weren’t Good Enough?”   How to be tall ?

…for a job …a girl or guy ….a sport …a dream… all because of your height?

If you could only get taller… it would all be OK.
If you could only grow a few more inches…
You could get the girl or guy!
You could get the job!
You could get what you wanted!

*HGH* – The Miracle Hormone

If You Don’t Know Anything About THIS Hormone…

You Are Missing Out On The BIGGEST SECRET To Growing Taller… And Doing It VERY RAPIDLY!

It ALL begins here…

So what is HGH?

HGH is short for “Human Growth Hormone”… THIS specific hormone has an ENORMOUS effect on the growing process of your

How to be tall ?
How to be tall ?


In other words… YOUR HEIGHT.

If you can harness the power behind increasing your HGH levels… you can grow taller… and you can do it faster than anything you would have imagined.

“3 Inches In LESS Than A Month!”
“Used Successfully By Over 194,000 People in 174 Countries!”

What Else You’ll Find in the Grow Taller 4 Idiots™ System:

You’ll gain 2-4 inches to your stature in 6-8 weeks… GUARANTEED!

The 3 Single Most Important Elements to Height-Gain… pg. 13-29

Sneaky “2-Second Quick Fix” you can use to “look” taller instantly… pg. 33.

The EXACT amount of sleep you should be getting to maximize your fullest height potential… pg. 36

The Simplest Way To Gain Height While You Sleep! How to position yourself during sleep for MAXIMUM Height-Gain overnight… pg. 39

BETTER THAN SQUATS! The PERFECT 15 Minute Height Boosting Exercise! Pg. 43-54

The TRUTH About How You Sit… you’ve been sitting wrong your WHOLE life… sit this way from now on and you WILL … straighten your spine and add MASSIVE gains to your height! pg. 97

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! …100% Natural and Safe… Advanced Exercises designed to literally stretch the body and contribute to MASSIVE height gains safely… pg. 57-76

How to EXPLOIT this “Wonder-Vitamin” and use it for MASSIVE height-gains… get the exact amount you need in just 10 minutes a day …pg 29.

The Calorie Consumption Secret… how to reach your maximum height potential by monitoring how much food you are eating… pg 31.

The Fastest and Easiest way to gain 2-5 inches a month!

The Amazing “Sunlight” Trick… and what it has to do with you growing dramatically taller… pg. 29

The Most Effective Way to maintain your height… do this daily and you will NEVER lose your height-gains! pg. 77

Posture secrets – your posture habits are PREVENTING you from growing taller… see if you’re doing any of these… (chances are, that you are!) PLUS! a little posture trick I know that will make you appear MUCH taller you than you actually are… pg. 67

WARNING: Why You Should Not Go On A Diet… pg. 32

SCIENTIFCALLY PROVEN TO INCREASE YOUR HGH LEVELS BY A CRAZY 300% …with this very potent “height-boosting” cocktail… the exact same cocktail Phillip showed me how to make that night at his apartment……I still drink this EVERY SINGLE DAY! pg 36.

Hairstyles you should AVOID at all costs! pg. 72

2 Vital Ingredients Your LAST Meal Of The Day MUST Have From Now On… plus two foods you should AVOID at all costs… pg. 38

Do this 10 times every 3 Hours… pg. 69


“This *Secret Combination* of Specific Height Gain Methods GUARANTEE You Will Be At Least
2-4 Inches Taller In 8 Weeks!”

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how to be tall ?
how to be tall ?