Caring about future health ? Then ‘The Feature of Health now’ will help you

Future health
Future health

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

Low energy
Poor digestion
Poor elimination
Weight gain or loss
Poor memory
Aches and pain
High blood pressure
Unrelenting stress and anxiety

Simply Accept Our One-Time Invitation To Be A Part of The Future of Health Now Member Online Community. Here’s what we’ve lined up so far…

What is The Future of Health Now?

The Future of Health Now is a science-based health publishing company seeking to do nothing less than establish a New Health Movement of empowered consumers improving their lives with actionable information.

Striving to create and foster new dialogue between our guests and some of the most respected innovators in the health and wellness space, The Future of Health Now has assembled a group of doctors, speakers, dreamers and innovators who are all uniquely-focused on niche areas in the rapidly-intersecting worlds of western and natural medicine.

Much of the excitement generated by the Future of Health Nowis coming from our Online Health Summit, which features a

Future health
Future health

number of household names like Tim Ferriss of the 4 Four Body, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen, Bill Phillips, Daphne Oz and John Mackie the Co-CEO of Whole Foods. We have also brought a number of individuals into the health summit that may not be on the tip of everybody’s tongue, but their focus on actionable, game-changing health and wellness information meant that we had to invite them to participate.

Here’s a quick run-down on the topics we’ve already lined up moving forward (and why Future of Health Now Members may soon be the healthiest people on the planet):

August:Why can’t you lose weight?
September: Your Brain: Fixing Your Brain, Reversing Cognitive Decline, Slowing Down Alzheimer’s, and Peak Performance.
October: Hormones: Your Body’s Master Key, Andropause (for men), Menopause (for women) and Anti-Aging Peak Performance.
November: 24/7 vital sign monitoring right on your wrist…forget all the other apps and devices, THIS is the #1 device to own. Plus, it looks like a cool watch.
December: focuses on The Silent Killer…
2013 and Beyond! We’re searching for the world’s greatest experts on pain relief, brain health (it’s about more than Alzheimer’s), cancer, anti-aging, immunity, genetic testing, sleep, stress and fighting disease before it has a chance to invade your body.

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